The First ALL-IN-ONE mass communication tool

It is always hard to choose the right business tools. There are so many available out there – you have to pick the right one, for the right price and keep in mind that sometimes you don’t always use them…but you still pay. Contactissimo solves that hassle. It is the all-in-one tool that can reach them all.

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Outsourced Marketing

In a world, where competition is always breathing in your neck, having high-end, cost efficient services is crucial. At Shtrak, we’ve done this for over 8 years…we know. Do you need help strengthen your online reputation?

Shtrak Outsourcing

UI & UX Design & Consultation

Just like industrial design, UX & UI design is all around us. We are now the children of technology. In order to succeed, you need to be one step ahead…and Shtrak can help you!

Shtrak UI and UX design

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